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Alimentos e suplementos alimentares


Meta Regulatória


META REGULATÓRIA is a company specialized in the regulatory needs of the food and pharmaceutical industries, with emphasis on food and dietary supplements area. Providing its clients with more than 25 years of experience in the regulatory area, it has a team made up of specialists in food science, pharmaceuticals and nutrition who have a deep understanding of the difficulties that companies face in their routine.

More than a consultancy, META is a company that proposes to be side by side with the client, teaching the way within the regulatory environment, offering solutions, support and alternatives for the regularization and commercialization of the companies' products.

​META REGULATÓRIA has a deep understanding of the process because it closely follows the development of Brazilian Regulatory Agency's rules and decisions, from a participatory and argumentative attitude.

Alimentos e suplementos alimentares


Provide quality regulatory advice and services, helping companies balance innovation and regulatory compliance in an ethical and efficient manner.

About us
Regulamentação técnica


Daniela Tomei, sócia e fundadora da META Regulatória


META REGULATÓRIA professionals bring together a deep knowledge of technical regulations, regulatory processes and scientific matters concerning foods, beverages and food supplements.


It’s a multidisciplinary team, led by Daniela Tomei (Partner and founder), a pharmacist-biochemist who graduated in 1994 from Universidade de São Paulo USP, with a specialization in Food Science . Since 1995, she has been active in regulatory affairs.

  • Linkedin Daniela Tomei


Verônica Maschi, nutricionista e sócia da Meta Regulatória


  • Linkedin Veronica Maschi

Nutritionist graduated from the Methodist University of São Paulo.


Working since 2009 in the area of regulatory affairs, with experience in large multinationals and experience in international legislation, labeling, processes and regulations at ANVISA and the Ministry of Agriculture (MAPA).

Beatriz Pagotto, farmacêutica, bioquímica e sócia da Meta Regulatória


  • Linkedin Beatriz Pagotto

Pharmacist, graduated from Faculdade de Medicina do ABC, works in Regulatory Affairs since 2014.


Experience in preparing technical-scientific documentation for approval of new ingredients, probiotics and registration of food supplements, formulas for enteral nutrition, infant formulas and other foods for special purposes.

Larissa Yokouchi, nutricionista e sócia da Meta Regulatória


  • Linkedin Larissa Yokouchi

Nutritionist, graduated from Centro Universitário São Camilo, works in Regulatory Affairs since 2014.


Experience in preparing documentation for food and food supplements registration, general and nutritional labeling analysis and regulatory due diligence.

Análise de Rotulagem e Tabela Nutricional


See below the scope  META REGULATÓRIA work

Relatórios técnico científicos para regularização de alimentos

Development of technical-scientific reports for the regularization of novel foods, functional foods, food supplements and probiotics.

Registro e notificação de alimentos e suplementos ANVISA

Food and Food Supplements’ registration and notification at ANVISA.

Registro de bebidas e produtos no ministério da agricultura pecuária e abastecimento (MAPA)

Beverages and products of animal origin’s registration at the Ministry of Agriculture (MAPA).

Cursos in company sobre legislação, regularização e rotulagem de alimentos

Online and “In-company” courses about food legislation, regulation and labeling requirements.

Elaboração de defesas e técnicas para notificações

Technical defenses developments for response to notifications and infraction notices.

Pedido de extensão de uso de aditivos

Request for extension/approval of food additives in ANVISA.

Avaliação de fórmulas e rótulos de produtos

Formula and labels evaluation for national and imported products to verify compliance with Brazilian legislation.

Avaliação de documentação (gap analysis e due dilligence)

Documents evaluation to prove the safety of new ingredients and functional claims - gap analysis and due diligence.

Elaboração de análises de risco destinados aos departamentos de marketing e P&D

Preparation of reports and risk analysis for the Marketing and R&D departments.

Avaliação de compliance regulatório

Regulatory compliance assessment of advertising material and packaging.

Solução de dúvidas técnicas regulatórias das normas ANVISA

Solution of regulatory technical doubts on the application of ANVISA, Ministry of Agriculture and INMETRO standards.

Serviço de análise de rotulagem e tabela nutricional

Labeling and Nutritional facts Analysis.

Regulamentação de produtos e serviços


We follow each regulatory challenge together with the client so that your products and services are available to the market in a solid, fast and efficient way. This is the success of META REGULATÓRA.




Responsible by 60% of the probiotic processes approved by ANVISA after the publication of the new regulatory framework for Probiotics, with several functional claims, such as intestinal health, cholesterol reduction, stress and anxiety and reduced risk of atopic dermatitis.

High rate of positive results in proof of safety and efficacy submissions for novel ingredients sources of bioactive substances.

Approval of ingredient’s functional claims like “Joint health” and “Vision Health”.

Deferimento de vários alimentos para nutrição enteral

Approval of several enteral nutrition products.


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